Software Integration

Do you want to create a new business, drawing together existing technology to create a new offering? Or perhaps you have disparate systems handling your marketing, sales and support efforts, and want to make the most of what your business knows.

Wired Software has many years' experience in drawing together a system to create a sum that is greater than the parts. I have integrated web, video, advertising and data systems for clients as prestigious as the BBC and a Premiership football club, so I am no stranger to doing what hasn't been done before.

I can also help bring about efficiency gains inside your organisation. Many large enterprises already have some sort of customer relationship management (CRM) system in place to better integrate their departments, but many SMEs are still missing out on the benefits that a CRM system can bring. Of course, buying a CRM off the shelf is not enough to fully realise its benefits - to be truly useful it needs to talk to the other systems your staff use every day - and Wired Software can make that happen.

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