Online Marketing and Social Strategy

With hundreds of channels for marketing from Google to Facebook to Pinterest, is your marketing focused enough?

The sheer volume of channels available for advertising makes it more important than ever that you are spending your money and time in a targeted manner. Although Google AdWords still continues to bring significant business to many industries, more than ever customers are looking to discover what to buy rather than be told. With this fundamental change in how customers interact with businesses, how your business interacts with them needs to change too. The experience needs to be less sell, more conversation. This does not only apply to business to customer (B2C) businesses either. Word of mouth recommendations and positive customer experience will drive sales online like never before across business-to-business and B2C.

Wired Software can advise you on how you can make your business social. By helping you build buzz and loyalty in your sector, and putting your brand where your customers are interacting, I can help you realise significant gains in turnover. Follow me on Twitter to find out more or call today to see how I can help.